Chattanooga Dance Announcements

Monday Dec 11 SCHOOL SHOW
SHOULD start at 10(but sometimes we are delayed by the Buses).
It lasts an hour.. those that would like to stay at the end…we will make a “tunnel of love” dressed in costume for the children to leave through.
If you ARE doing the school show…you are Called at 9:15 .
Golden Angels and Cherubs are NOT in the school show.
In the Bandroom…
Elem 1 dancers we are doing what you did in the Saturday show (we MAY ) need a few fill ins we will go over the party scene.. this is a special show for kindergartens so it is shorter.
We still do gypsys and caterers..  ARCH ANGELS..Sat cast (unless we are missing some.. may need fill ins)
It’s SUCH a fun show!!

See you there!😊👏