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Hello dancers.. families and friends. Thank you for a magical weekend with two BEAUTIFUL shows!!!
I’m sorry to say that due to the delay in start times of the Catoosa and Hamilton schools.. we are going to have to cancel our Nutcracker School show Monday morning!!! It’s just way to complicated to try to rearrange buses..and pick up times for the children and to rearrange schedules for the cast and crew!!! I KNOW that the dancers especially will be disappointed ūüėĒ because the school shows are so special!!
See you the week of 12/17 for classes
Miss Donna

Massari-Wood Dance Center- Civic Ballet of Chattanooga

All of this information is very important. Attach to your refrigerator or somewhere equally as important. Any questions? Call Katie at 894-1406 or email at

****** NOVEMBER 19-23 …NO REGULAR CLASSES *******
STUDIO Closed for Thanksgiving Holidays!
However >>>> We will have Special Rehearsals. These are at the Studio.

Monday, November 19

4:30-5:30‚Ä謆 ¬† ¬† Mice and Soldiers (Primary 3 and Elementary 1) Nutcracker & Clara

6:00-8:30 – Civic Ballet, Training Company, and all Intermediates

Tuesday ,November 20 – 6:00-8:00 -Party Scene (Party Children, Parents, Housekeeper and Maids) Note: This rehearsal does not include gypsies, dolls, caterers or Apple Seller.

(****Please note these are slightly adjusted from the previous newsletter)

Sunday, December 2¬† ¬† ‚Äč2:30-5:00 ‚ÄčParty Scene Rehearsal (Party Parents, Children , Maids,Gypsies, Dolls, Fortuneteller, Caterers)

Monday, December 3‚Äč‚Äč

4:30-6:00‚ÄčBattle Scene Rehearsal (Mice/Soldiers/Clara/Nutcracker)

6:30-8:30‚ÄčCivic Ballet, Training Company and ALL Intermediates

Tuesday , December 4¬† ¬†‚Äč4:30-6:00¬† ‚ÄčAll Angels and Cherubs (Primary 1 with Primary 2)

5:30-6 :30¬† ‚ÄčElementary 1 Mother Ginger

All other classes are at their normal times thru Wed. Dec.5


Thursday December 6th
5:00 – 6:30‚Ä謆 Angels & Cherubs
5:00 – 8:00¬† ¬† ‚ÄčCivic Ballet, Training Company, Intermediates
8:00 >>> Snowflakes, Skaters, Clara, Nutcracker, Snow Queen

Friday, Dec. 7th
4:30 – 5:30 – Battle Scene
5:30 – 7:30 – Party Scene
7:45 -8:15- Mother Ginger

Please arrive in sufficient time to be ready. In other words, don’t enter the building at the exact time your rehearsal is supposed to begin. All dancers/students should sit in the theater upon arriving at dress rehearsal. We will distribute the costumes and show you to your dressing areas. We will follow the schedule as closely as possible, but don’t hold us to it. Technical situations sometimes arise that require time to correct. Come early, relax and be patient, please.

Band Room – Cherubs, Angels, Mice, Soldiers, Party Children,

 Dressing Rooms behind the Stage -Gypsies, Party Mothers, Flowers
Small Dressing Room off stage Left – All boys and Men
Large Dressing Rooms off Stage Left – Civic Ballet and Training Company

Directions – All Dress Rehearsals and performances will be held at the UTC Fine Arts Center located at the corner of Vine Street and Palmetto on the UTC Campus. Proceed down McCallie Avenue until the corner” of Palmetto, turn north and proceed one block to Oak Street. If you are using GPS, enter 752 Vine Street. All performers should enter from the Oak Street side and the audience should enter on Vine Street for the performances.
Signs will be posted directing students to the dressing areas.

This includes dads, grandads, uncles, little brothers, friends, cousins, etc. We have to respect the modesty of our dancers.
Dancers should arrive approximately ¬Ĺ hour before the performances. They need to bring a cover-up so they can go out front to watch the act they aren’t performing in. They will be taken as a class along with their Official Class Moms to specially assigned seats to watch and enjoy. Those in Act 2 (Angels and Cherubs) will be taken to the dressing room during Intermission to get ready.

Performance Assignments for Primary 1 (Cherubs) and Primary 2 (Angels) Saturday, Sat.December 8 – Primary 1 TUESDAY Class and Primary 2 THURSDAY class

Sunday, December 9 – Primary 1 THURSDAY Class and Primary 2 TUESDAY class.

All Party Girls and Party Moms must sign up for a costume fitting appointment. Appointments will be Saturday, November 10 and Sunday, November 11. The signup sheet is in the lobby. Cherubs, Angels, Mice, Soldiers, Gypsies and Caterers and Party Boys DO NOT to sign up for an appointment. Your costumes will be fitted in class.


Saturday, December 8th – 7:30pm

Sunday, December 9th – 2:30pm

TICKETS – The ticket sales are handled by the UTC Box Office.
All seating is Reserved!
We are open to the general public and cannot guarantee the availability of seats. To order tickets, call the box office at 425-4269 or visit them at the UTC Fine Arts Center. The Box Office hours are 10-4 Monday through Friday. The Box Office will open one hour before curtain and the doors to the theater will open 45 minutes before the performance begins. Ticket price is $15 for all seats. The University charges an additional fee for credit cards.
Tickets should go on sale November 20th
Everyone who attends must have a ticket. No stacking children in each other’s laps.
PLEASE tell all your friends which Nutcracker to attend. There are four other productions in the region this year, including three in our theater. We wouldn’t want your friends to get lost.

Order forms are in the lobby and will be at dress rehearsal. Once again Philip Lucky is filming for us and does an excellent job. The cost is $25 payable to Massari-Wood Dance Center.

No classes Dec. 10th ‚Äď Dec. 13th: we need time to put away the Nutcracker.
We ARE having holiday classes Dec. 17th -20th.

***Normal Classes will resume January 7th, 2019**

PLEASE make sure you are current on your tuition. If you aren’t sure or have issues related to this, talk to Katie. Any questions about this or anything else, contact Katie at (423) 894-1406 or




October & NUTCRACKER News 2 O I 8

Well, the second month of the school year has rolled around.

Classes are starting to settle down and the teachers are teaching. Be sure and come to class every week on time!!

We DO NOT take a Fall Break. So, even if your school is on break, we are still here.¬†¬†ALSO: we DO¬†NOT take the Monday holidays.¬†If we did, then the Monday students would miss a total of seven classes. So,¬†no¬†disrespect meant to Christopher Columbus, but we will still have classes on his day. ūüôā

HELP!!   There are a couple of VERY large classes this year.  It would really be helpful if we could do some rearranging….. Is there ANYBODY in the Tuesday Primary 1 or Primary 2 classes that could start coming on Thursdays?? Pretty Please?


It’s time for us to go into NUTCRACKER mode. We are honored to present this BEAUTIFUL production during the Holiday Season.  It takes a LOT of hard work and dedication.  This will be our 36th YEAR!!!!! Much of the rehearsing will be accomplished in the classes… but there will be a few special rehearsals.  PLEASE MARK THESE ON YOUR CALENDARS!!


Our next holiday is the week of Thanksgiving, November 18-24

HOWEVER: We will have special Nutcracker rehearsals that week Monday, November 19:

Battle Scene Rehearsal (Mice and Soldiers) 4:30-5:30pm

Civic Ballet, Training Company, Intermediate Ballet 6:00-8:00pm

Tuesday, November 20:

Party Scene Rehearsal: 6:00-8:00pm

Other Special Studio Rehearsals:

Sunday, Dec. 2nd: Party Scene 2:30-4:30pm

Monday, Dec. 3rd: Battle Scene 4:30-5:30pm

Tuesday,Dec 4th:Angels/Cherubs 4:30-5:30pm

(Don’t¬†worry, we will¬†remind¬†you of these rehearsals as the time¬†gets¬†closer, but I¬†wanted you to have¬†the¬†information¬†for¬†your planners.)

For those making their Christmas schedules and plans, write in the Nutcracker Dates in INK.

The performances will be Saturday, December 8th and Sunday, December 9th with a special school show on Monday, December 10th.

The school show will involve ONLY  Primary 3, Elementary  and Intermediate Ballet and the Training and Senior Companies.


We want all of our dancers to be comfortable on stage by knowing what they are doing.

Dress Rehearsals at the UTC Fine Arts Center will be:

Thursday, December 6: Act 2, including the Primary l Cherubs and the Primary 2 Angels

Friday, December 7th: Act I:  Party and Battle Scenes and Mother Ginger

 Primary 1 and 2 will be in one show each.

Please let Katie  know if you have a preferencefor the Saturday night show or the Sunday matinee. You may leave a note in the basket outside the office or email her at

Majority vote in each class will win EXCEPT I have to make sure sisters are in the same show. Primary 3 and higher ballet classes will be in all three shows.


We will need to make an appointment for a fitting for your Party dress!  These will be Sat Nov 9th or Sun Nov 10th. Watch for the signup sheets on the table outside of studio 1.

Special Bookkeeping note from Katie

Every year people get confused about the tuition payments and when they are¬†due.¬†We actually charge by¬†the¬†school year for classes. This amounts to $495¬†for 32¬†classes ($¬†450 for M&M and Pre-Ballet). In order to make budgeting easier for our parents and for¬†¬†ourselves, we divide this¬†into¬†9 equal monthly payments (September thru¬†May).¬†This comes to $55 for each payment. ($50 for M&M¬†and¬†Pre-Ballet) These have no connection at¬†all with the number of¬†¬†classes each month. Individual classes are $15¬†each.¬†¬†Some months have 5 classes, some 4, some 3 and possibly only 2 at Christmas¬†time.¬†This¬†is¬†easier than saying,¬†“on months with 5 sessions,¬†it¬†will¬†be¬†$80, 4 sessions¬†¬†will be $64, 3 sessions¬†-$48, and¬†2 sessions – $32, etc.”

Any Questions, contact   Katie:, or Studio phone 894-1406

EXTRA NOTE FROM Katie: I always understand the confusion about tuition and I

am¬†happy¬†¬†to¬†¬†explain¬†¬†how¬†¬†it¬†works. BUT,¬†I¬†have noticed that in 36 years, nobody¬†¬†has¬†¬†ever¬†come¬†¬†up¬†¬†and¬†¬†said,¬†¬†‚ÄúI¬†¬†¬†noticed¬†¬†there¬†¬†are¬†¬†5¬†¬†classes¬†this month: ¬†Do¬†I¬†owe you some more money?”¬†¬†¬†(Insert¬†¬†Grin here!)



Massari ‚Äď Wood Dance Center NEWSLETTER Sept 2018

Welcome to the Massari-Wood Dance Center. We are glad you chose us.

We will do everything possible to fulfill your expectations. If you have any questions, please ask Miss Katie.

Classroom Attire

Leotards and tights are the only attire that should be worn in ballet class (no shorts, shirts, pantyhose, legwarmers, etc.) Exceptions are the Star Fairy skirts for the Pre-Ballet and Primary 1 classes. Boys are in tee¬≠ shirts and shorts. All dancers should wear suitable cover-ups to and from the studio. NEATNESS COUNTS! Long hair should be pulled back from the face and off of the neck. Strings should be tucked inside ballet shoes.¬† No large pieces of jewelry (including watches) should be worn in class. Please leave all such items at home. PARENTS: Please mark all shoes, leotards, bags, etc. with the student’s name to avoid mix-ups.

DANCE SHOES should NOT be worn outside!


Tuition is based on an annual rate and is divided into 9 equal amounts to facilitate payment. Music and Movement and Pre-Ballet $50/month — All other dance classes $55/month; two dance classes – $85/month. Family discounts are available.¬† Payments are due the first class meeting of each month.


Only dancers are allowed in the dance studio during class times, please. The doors may be closed to the lobby to reduce noise levels. No gum, or candy or drinks are allowed in the dance area. Please be on time for classes as it is very disruptive to others when there is a latecomer. The instructors reserve the right to remove a student from participation if unruly or uncooperative.


When dancers arrive early for class, please sit quietly until your class time. PARENTS: Please watch your little ones. If you must leave during your child’s class, please make sure they know¬† when you will return and make sure to tell them not to¬† leave the¬† studio until you return.¬† No student is allowed to come and go without adult supervision. In other words: please do not leave students to wait in the lobby alone and they must be picked up on time. We are unable to supervise students before and after their class.


Please bear with us during the first month. If classes are too large we will attempt to open another class. There is a minimum of 6 students per class. We may combine classes at the studio’s discretion. You will be notified.


We will have dance folders for M&M, Pre-Ballet, Primary 1, 2 and 3 for  each student.  These will include copies of their dances, coloring pages, terminology pages and a CD of their recital dance next spring. There is a materials fee of $6 per notebook


All Ballet students from Primary 1 and up are eligible to participate in the Civic Ballet of Chattanooga’s annual production of the Nutcracker on December 8th & 9th at the UTC Fine Arts Center. Most rehearsals will be during normal classes. Costumes are provided by the Civic Ballet.¬† The school show on December 10 includes Primary 3 students and up.


ALL information including, newsletters, tuition fees, etc. can be found on our website:

We also have a Facebook page where we communicate and share pictures and announcements: Massari-Wood Dance Center

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Calendar 2018-2019

Thanksgiving Break- November 19-23

Nutcracker – December 8&9

**School show on Dec 10 involves Primary 3 students and up

Christmas Break- December 10 through January 7,

2019 Spring Break ‚Äď March 18-22

Recital Dates ‚Äď June 1&2

*Please note: we do not take off on Monday Holidays