Summer Classes


We are very happy to announce a 2024 Summer Schedule!!!

We have lots of fun things SPECIALLY planned for our Elementaries, Intermediates & Adults.

Summer is a GREAT time for growth in dance. The mention of summer break may bring to mind images of rest and relaxation, but …taking the summer off from dancing may not be such a great idea. While even a couple of weeks without stretching can result in a loss of flexibility, several weeks away from the studio may cause you to lose strength and technique. 

Summer classes are a GREAT way to GROW and IMPROVE your dancing so you can shine bright on stage. Summer classes allow for special attention on things like turns and jumps by consistently working your ballet muscles multiple times a week. This consistency is SO important for growth in dance. Our very special Lyrical class only happens during the summer, and it’s not to be missed! 

Registration Opens May 1st 2024 – in studio or at

Dancers who register before May 15th will have the opportunity to purchase a limited edition Civic Ballet of Chattanooga T-Shirt.  


Monday: 5:30pm – 7:00pm Ballet 2 (1hr 30 min)
7:00pm – 8:30pm Ballet 3 (1hr 30 min)
Tuesday: 5:30pm – 6:45pm *Lyrical Ballet  – all levels (1hr 15 min)
7:00pm – 8:00pm Breath & Balance Yoga  – all levels (1 hour)
Thursday: 5:30pm – 7:00pm Ballet 1 (1hr 30 min)
7:00pm – 8:30pm Ballet 2, Pointe with permission of instructor (1hr 30 min)
Saturday: 10:00am – 11:00am Ballet 1 (1 hour)
11:00am-11:30am Pointe Conditioning 1 (30 minutes)
11:30am – 1:00pm Pointe / Pre-Pointe 2 (1hr 30 min)

*Back by popular demand!

Dancers are encouraged to attend all classes at or below their level.
This is a GREAT opportunity to refine & improve technique.

10 Week Session Starting June 17th:

Unlimited Classes!  $250/person | 1 Class per week  $150/person

8 Week Session Starting July 1st:

Unlimited Classes!  $200/person | 1 Class per week  $120/person


Ballet 1: Thursdays 5:30 – 7:00pm, Saturdays 10am – 11am This class is perfect for children at the Elementary ballet level and teens/adults at any stage of their ballet training. Students in this class will learn ballet terminology, technique, and body awareness. Classes will include a ballet barre and exercises/choreography in the center of the room without the aid of the barre. The goal at this level is waking up your ballet muscles, improving strength and flexibility, and most importantly, enjoying the art of ballet! {Lisa Bellino, Amanda West, Christy Baker (Chattanooga Center of Creative Arts)}

Ballet 2: Mondays 5:30 – 7:00, Thursdays 7:00 – 8:30pm  This class is perfect for teens and adults who are comfortable with basic ballet terminology, aware of body positions, and able to start memorizing combinations. Students in this class will build strength, alignment, and skill.  Classes will include a ballet barre and exercises/choreography in the center of the room focusing on doing secure and stable turns, holding turn out, and building strong core muscles. Be ready to sweat and have fun!  (1hr 30 min) {Emily Fazio, Nancy Moughrabi, Christy Baker (Chattanooga Center of Creative Arts)} 

Ballet 3: Mondays 7:00 – 8:30pm  This is the perfect level for teens and adults who are serious about their training. This class will move at a quick pace, offering more complex combinations both at the barre and in the center. Students will be exposed to more advanced and diverse exercises, challenging them to elevate their level of training, artistry, and musicality while still maintaining a strong focus on their core ballet technique. This is an individualized class with special attention paid to each dancer’s needs and goals. Because dancing at this level requires a certain amount of strength, alignment, skill, maturity, and commitment, placement in this class is with the approval of the instructors. This class will push dancers in fun & exciting ways!  (1hr 30min) {Emily Fazio, TBA} 

Breath & Balance Yoga All Levels: Tuesdays 7:00 – 8:00pm. This class is the perfect combination of restorative stillness and dynamic movement.  End your Tuesday with gentle stretches to relax your body, and enjoy an invigorating yoga flow that cultivates balance and strength. This practice relieves stress and tension by connecting breath with mindful movements that encourage the body to open and create more flexibility. A wonderful class for dancers and non-dancers alike!  Suggested props to bring: mat, 2 blocks (not required) {Cara Chandler}

Lyrical Ballet All Levels : Tuesdays 5:30 – 6:45pm This eclectic class is for rising 5th graders and teens/adults at any stage of their dance training. Lyrical ballet is a wonderful opportunity for dancers to break out of the classical structure of a regular ballet class and experience the freer movement that Lyrical offers. Students in this class will learn fundamental techniques as well as artistic movements for dancers to grow in the beautiful expression of dance.  (1 hour 15 min) {Maggie Daniel}

Pre-Pointe / Pointe Conditioning 1: Saturday 11:00 – 11:30am Did you know that pointe work requires more than just your feet to be extra strong? This class is specially designed to build strength, flexibility and control in your legs, ankles, AND feet to meet the challenge of POINTE work. This class will also focus on the stabilizing muscles in your core & turnout. This class will help with ALL types of dancing, pointe included!   This class is open to ALL dancers enrolled in our Unlimited Summer Classes. (30 min) {Emily Fazio, tba} 

Pre-Pointe / Pointe 2: Saturdays 11:30am – 1:00pm What a great way to start your Saturday!!!! Leap in and DANCE!  Open to experienced adults, Intermediate, Training Company & members of the Civic Ballet….Our Saturday Pre-Pointe / Pointe class offers the opportunity to work on the muscles necessary for pointe work and to strengthen pointe technique. This is an open level class, with lots of individual attention. Pointe work is done with permission of the instructor. This is a great class for experienced adults. (1hr 30min) {Emily Fazio, TBA}

Private Lessons: Are you interested in private instruction? Talk to Katie to make arrangements. Private Instruction = $50/1 hour session, $30/30 minute session m[email protected]