Adult Division

Adult Ballet Program

Ballet is not just for children! Have you always dreamed of being a ballet dancer but never had the opportunity as a child? Did you dance as a child and want to come back to ballet as an adult, but you don’t want to dance alongside children? Do you want to get a great workout in a safe, supportive environment? Our Adult Ballet Program is for you! We offer multiple levels of Adult Ballet classes to meet the unique needs of adult ballet dancers.

The teachers in our Adult Ballet Program danced throughout their childhood and teenage years with the Suncoast Ballet Theatre and the Civic Ballet of Chattanooga. They then took many years away from dance and returned as adult ballet students. They were once you! They want nothing more than to help adults develop the same passion for dance that continues to drive them. They know how adult bodies move and are committed to offering classes that are safe yet challenging for the adult ballet student. Adult ballet isn’t just an afterthought for them. It’s their passion!

One unique element of our Adult Ballet Program is that performances are optional. We would love to have you in our annual Nutcracker performance and spring recital, but we recognize that not all adult ballet dancers are comfortable performing. We give you the freedom to choose!

Dress code: Ballet shoes and form-fitting attire (preferably leotard and tights for women and tee shirt and black tights for men, but leotard & tights are not required!)

Adult Ballet: This is a great multipurpose ballet class for less experienced adults or teens. Classes include basic barre exercises and simple steps in the center of the room without the aid of a barre. Students in this class will work  the basics of being a ballet dancer such as how to  move with proper alignment to dance gracefully and avoid injury. Dancewear:  Something comfortable 🙂   leotards and tights not required. Saturdays 10:00-11:00am

Adult Ballet 2: This class is for adults only, and it is a great class for more experienced dancers that are coming back to ballet – even if it’s been a few years (or more) since you’ve done a plié!  Adult Ballet 2 has all of the elements of a traditional ballet class – without the emphasis on perfect turnout or jumps. This is an individualized class with special attention paid to each dancer’s needs and goals. We will focus on waking up your ballet muscles, improving strength & flexibility, and most importantly, enjoying the art of ballet as an adult! Classes run on a weekly basis, with the Massari-Wood Calendar. Wednesdays 6:30-8:00