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Massari-Wood Dance Center February 2018

Hello Dancers and Families….

First let me just THANK you for your kindness, your concern, your support, your prayers and your LOVE as we go through this very difficult time. Mr Davids passing has struck a chord in ALL of our hearts both in our studio and out in the community. He was a friend, a partner, a teacher, a mentor… always there with a joke and a smile, always there when ANY of us needed him…no matter WHAT!! He was so MUCH to so many. No one can replace him… so now we are set with the task of trying to go on without him one day at a time.

Thank you for your patience as my wonderful daughter Katie is learning everything that needs to be done. As Office Manager… she will be there to take care of what seems a thousand things . It will take some time for her to set things up in her own way so she can do a good job for all of us.

LOVE to you all!! Miss Donna

Important Dates to Save:

The Recital will be June 9 and June 10

Dress Rehearsals will be June 7 and 8.

(Please schedule yourself well.

You MUST be at dress rehearsal to be in the recital)

*** Every year for the past 40 years… our Spring Recital has been the weekend after Memorial Day this year was no different… we scheduled our show for June 2&3 and signed contracts with our home theater the UTC Fine Arts Center. They have notified us that they cannot honor our contract because they will be closing the
building for the next year for remodeling. So we have had to do some scrambling!!!!! We knew that Heritage High School has a beautiful theater and it would fit our needs nicely..but it seems everyone else who uses the Fine Arts Center was scrambling as well. We could not have our usual recital week end… someone else got it…. But we CAN have the week end after. I KNOW that some of you made plans around our old recital date…. I am so SORRY!! We have to go with what is available. I hope that we are giving you enough time to rearrange.

Spring Break is April 1-7

Makeup classes for all of the snowy icy days that we missed will be the week of May 28-June 2.. we will just have normal classes that week. A week of extra rehearsal time close to the show will be more beneficial…with extra called rehearsals and other makeups the following week

Spring Recital COSTUMES

You may have noticed that we are starting to measure the students for their costumes. These costumes need to be ordered very early to arrive in time for the recital. We are looking through all of the catalogs for the best choices and will post the pictures soon. We need to start collecting monies for them as soon as possible.

We need the money by the end of February or earlier if possible

These prices are an estimate right now… occasionally we are charged more for shipping or sales tax… we will let you know.

M&M, Pre-Ballet, Primary 1 and Primary 2 – $55

Primary 3 – $85 (2 costumes, Ballet and Tap)

Elementary 1, 2, 3 – $65

Jazz 1, Jazz 2, Jazz 3, Elementary tap, Jr. Tap, $65

Intermediate Ballet – $70

(Training Company, and Civic Ballet to be announced later.)

NOTE TO ALL: If there is a problem (no money at this time, etc.), PLEASE communicate with Katie. We will do what we can to help, but we can’t help if we don’t know about the problem.


We are taking Requests for which performance you prefer.

M&M, Pre-Ballet, Primary 1, Primary 2, Elementary 1 ballet, Elementary tap will be in one performance.
Primary 3 ballet and tap, Jazz and Tap are in both shows if possible. Let us know if you have a preference. Majority Vote will rule, but the first job is to try and get sisters in the same show.

WEBSITE and FACEBOOK We communicate regularly on FACEBOOK or (announcement page). Like/Follow us on FACEBOOK to stay posted on all announcements including……….

Snow Days

Our Policy on closing due to weather :You can check our page on Face Book, the announcement page on our website or call the studio answering machine. Also, when possible, we will send announcements out to the e-mail addresses on file. This makes it easier to notify our students. Our students cover a wide area of the Tri-State on mountain tops and valleys and many school systems. We would rather err on the side of safety.