About Dance Classes in Chattanooga

The Massari-Wood Dance Center enters its 51st  year with dance classes covering all levels of Ballet, Tap, Contemporary and Jazz .    We are  located in expanded cheerful facilities in the rear of the East Brainerd/Graysville Road  Family Shopping Center. There are 3 studio spaces for classes and rehearsals.

The studio is the home of the Civic Ballet of Chattanooga.

Massari-Wood Dance Center is a place where at any given moment you may see and hear young dancers getting ready for their classes talking excitedly about the past weeks with their friends from all parts of the city.  You may hear a budding musician struggling over trumpet scales or mastering a beautiful new piano piece.  You may see and hear singers and actors going over their parts for a new production – you may see a tree or throne or boxes and boxes of costumes and props from the latest ballet production. You may see the Sugar Plum Fairy and her Cavalier or beautiful dancing snowflakes rehearsing for the NUTCRACKER.  You may see Alice and the White Rabbit walking through the lobby headed for Studio 3 to rehearse.  You may look through one of our picture windows and find a dance class jumping over imaginary mud puddles.  You may be invited to watch a short video presentation of Puss-in-Boots from the Sleeping Beauty Ballet or you may find the entire studio transformed into a mini-theater so our new dancers, in full costume from our treasure chest, can give a sharing program to Moms, Dads, Grandmas, and everyone else who will tell them how wonderful they are.

Our job is not only to produce beautiful dancers…but to  “light the spark”… to give a love of dance and the performing arts that will last a lifetime.  COME JOIN US!