Summer Dance Schedule


Its a GREAT time to develop and expand your Dance Skills !!

The mention of summer break may bring to mind images of rest and relaxation, but …taking the summer off from dancing may not be such a great idea. While even a couple of weeks without stretching can result in a loss of flexibility, several weeks away from the studio may cause you to lose strength and technique.

We offer classes through the summer months. These Classes tend to be smaller, making way for tremendous gains in progress and offering students a wonderful opportunity for growth in dance…

SUMMER CLASSES 2019  June 17-August 10

WORKING ON SCHEDULE  NOW!!!  Check back after Spring Show!!

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Adult/Teen Beginning Ballet: This is a GREAT class for adults & teens who are new to ballet.  (1hr) {Lisa Bellino}

Adult Ballet 2:  This class is adults only, and a great class for dancers that are coming back to ballet – even if it’s been a few years (or more) since you’ve done a plié!  Adult Ballet 2 has all of the elements of a traditional ballet class – without the emphasis on perfect turnout or jumps. This is an individualized class, with special attention paid to each dancer’s needs and goals. We will focus on waking up your ballet muscles, improving strength & flexibility, and most importantly, enjoying the art of ballet as an adult!  (1hr 30 min) {Emily Fazio}

Ballet & Tap for 8-12 year olds:  4 week session       Dancers will enjoy a fun & age appropriate class… if your dancer wants to improve her skills from last years classes… or… if you  are planning.. on joining a class in the Fall and need  to catch up before you start… this is the class for you! (1hr) {Amanda West}

Eclectic Ballet This is one of our FAVORITE and most popular classes!  Open to the Elementary level on up, the eclectic class is a fun & exciting challenge for everyone.  (1hr 30 min) {Emily Fazio}

Hip Hop: Grab your sneakers and get ready for Hip Hop! Enjoy a fun filled time learning the pops, ticks and grooves of hip hop. Some classes may be brisk and challenging, but you are guaranteed a fun class with creative movements. (1hr) {Maggie Daniel}

Intermediate & Up Ballet: This is an OPEN level class which means that it is very individualized. Dancers will be exposed to more advanced and diverse exercises, challenging them to elevate their level of training while still maintaining a strong focus on their core ballet technique. (1hr 30 min) { Frank Hay, Emily Fazio}

Introduction to Pas De Deux:  Introduction to partnering is a NEW technique & partnering class designed for ladies just starting/preparing to work on Pointe. Recommended for Intermediates. (2hr)   {Sean Steigerwald}

Pas De Deux:  Technique Class + Pointe & Pas de Deux class is open to members of the Civic & Training Companies (2hr 15 min)  {Sean Steigerwald}

Pointe/Pre Pointe: Our Saturday Pointe/Pre-Pointe class offers the opportunity to develop the muscles necessary for pointe work and to strengthen pointe technique. This is an open level class, with lots of individual attention. Pointe work is done with permission of the instructor. (1hr 30 min) {Melissa Northey-Crane}

Stretch & Strengthen –  One of our most popular classes!  Exercises typically performed at the barre in ballet class are recreated to be done from the floor.   Through a variety of stretches and strengthening exercises, dancers will also see how these fundamental exercises transfer to center floor, turns and jumps. Stretch & Strengthen is open to Elementary level dancers and up.  (1hr) {Pam Andre Miller}