October & NUTCRACKER News 2 O I 9

Massari-Wood Dance Center

October & NUTCRACKER News 2 O I 9


Classes are starting to settle down and the teachers are teaching. Be sure and come to class every week on time!! We DO NOT take a Fall Break. So, even if your school is on break, we are still here.  ALSO: we DO NOT take the Monday holidays. If we did, then the Monday students would miss a total of seven classes.

HELP!!   There are a couple of VERY large classes this year.  It would really be helpful if we could do some rearranging….. Is there ANYBODY in the Tuesday Primary 1 or Primary 2 classes that could start coming on Thursdays?? Pretty Please? With Sugarplums on top?



It’s time for us to go into NUTCRACKER mode. We are honored to present this BEAUTIFUL production during the Holiday Season.  It takes a LOT of hard work and dedication.  This will be our 47th YEAR!!!!! Much of the rehearsing will be accomplished in the classes… but there will be a few special rehearsals.  PLEASE MARK THESE ON YOUR CALENDARS!!


Our next holiday is the week of Thanksgiving – 11/25-11/30

HOWEVER: We will have special Nutcracker rehearsals that week


Monday, November 25th:

Battle Scene Rehearsal (Mice and Soldiers) 4:30-5:30pm

Civic Ballet, Training Company, Intermediate Ballet 6:00-8:00pm

Tuesday, November 26:

Party Scene Rehearsal: 6:00-8:00pm



Other Special Studio Rehearsals:

Sunday, Dec. 8th: Party Scene 2:30-4:30pm                                    (Don’t worry, I’ll remind you.)

Monday, Dec. 9th: Battle Scene 4:30-5:30pm

Tuesday,Dec 10th:Angels/Cherubs 4:30-5:30pm


For those making their Holiday plans, write the Nutcracker Dates in INK.

The performances will be Saturday, December 21st(7:30pm) and Sunday, December 22nd  (2:30pm)



We want all of our dancers to be comfortable on stage by knowing what they are doing; especially since this will be the first year we are performing The Nutcracker at GPS.

Dress Rehearsals at GPS will be:

Thursday, December 19th: Act 2, including the Primary l Cherubs and the Primary 2 Angels

Friday, December 20th: Act I:  Party and Battle Scenes and Mother Ginger


Primary 1 and will be in one show each.

Please let Katie  know if you have a preference for the Saturday night show or the Sunday matinee. You may leave a note in the basket outside the office or email her at [email protected].

Majority vote in each class will win EXCEPT I have to make sure sisters are in the same show.

Primary 3 and higher ballet classes will be in both shows.




We will need to make an appointment for a fitting for your Party dress!  These will be Sat Nov 16th or Sun Nov 17th. Watch for the signup sheets on the table outside of Studio 1.


Fittings for Mice, Soldiers/Ginger Snaps, Cherubs and Angels will be during class.





Special Bookkeeping note from Katie

Every year people get confused about the tuition payments and when they are due. We actually charge by the school year for classes. This amounts to $495 for 32 classes ($ 450 for M&M and Pre-Ballet). In order to make budgeting easier for our parents and for ourselves, we divide this into 9 equal monthly payments (September thru May). This comes to $55 for each payment. ($50 for M&M and Pre-Ballet) These have no connection at all with the number of classes each month. Individual classes are $15 each.  Some months have 5 classes, some 4, some 3 and possibly only 2 at Christmas time. This is easier than saying, “on months with 5 sessions, it will be $80, 4 sessions  will be $64, 3 sessions -$48, and 2 sessions – $32, etc.”

Any Questions, contact   Katie: [email protected], or Studio phone 894-1406

EXTRA NOTEalways understand the confusion about tuition and I

am happy  to  explain  how  it works. BUT, have noticed that in 47 years, nobody  has  ever come  up  and  said,  “I   noticed  there  are  5  classes this month:  Do owe you some more money?”   (Insert Grin here!)



Nutcracker tickets will go on sale November 18th at 12pm.

They may be purchased from


calling:  1-855-222-2849

Or on our Facebook page beginning November 18th.


If you lose this newsletter, please find all info, Nutcracker and otherwise, on our website: massariwooddance.com